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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 19:33

Gov. Polis extends “stay-at-home” to April 26, Safety reminder, Initiative 122 backer throwing in the “towel”

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Governor Polis gave a rare televised address to the state of Colorado on Monday night. The governor stressed that the sacrifice of staying at home is not easy, but when it comes to the choice of temporarily shutting down the economy or catastrophic loss of life, then the choice is easy, he said.

The governor extended the statewide “stay at home” order, slated to expire on April 11, to Sunday, April 26. The governor referenced data that lead him to this decision: Before the stay-at-home order, Colorado’s infection rate was doubling every 1 to 2 days. Current data has the doubling rate at every 6 to 7 days. Governor Polis said these numbers demonstrated that statewide social distancing efforts were working. Finally, the Governor noted that the statewide order could be released earlier, if data continues to show that hospitals can handle COVID patients.

By extending the statewide order, it appears that construction and other essential services will be able to continue through April 26.

Also, on Monday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock extended the city’s “stay-at-home” order to April 30. By extending the Denver order, Mayor Hancock is also allowing construction and other essential services to continue through April 30.

On Tuesday, the Governor executed several items to correspond to the stay-at-home order extension to April 26, including:

  • Extended Executive Order D 2020 012 (extended order is D 2020 031) to limit evictions, foreclosures, and public utility disconnections and expediting unemployment insurance claim processing to April 30.  
  • Rescinded Executive Order D 2020 013 (rescind order is D 2020 025  requiring a 50% reduction in in-person workforce because it is now superseded by the extended stay at home order
  • Extended Executive Order D 2020 009 (extended order is D 2020 027) canceling all non-essential surgeries and procedures through April 26.
  • Extended Executive Orders D 2020 004 and D 2020 006 (extended order is D 2020 026) closing all downhill ski operations through April 30. 
  • Extended Executive Order D 2020 019 (extended order is D 2020 030  temporarily suspending the in-person notary requirement through April 30.  
  • Extended Executive Order D 2020 014 (extended order is D 2020 028) temporarily suspending the in-person marriage license requirement through April 30.
  • Extended Executive Order D 2020 011 (extended order is D 2020 029  temporarily suspending a variety of regulations including clarifications to alcohol delivery and takeout, requirements related to taxicab carriers, in-person processes for background checks, and driver’s license and identification card renewals until April 30.  

To review all of Governor Polis’s executive orders and other actions, please click here.

Worksite Safety:

With the current extensions, it’s important that our industry proactively works to ensure that all workers are following social distancing practices as much as possible. Working through these extended orders is a privilege. We need to demonstrate that we have responsible jobsites so the privilege isn’t revoked.

The CAHB has several resources to ensure that your jobsites have the proper signage and information to keep workers safe and healthy. The CAHB has an English and Spanish-language handout that can be distributed at worksites and posted in key locations. The handout is available by clicking here. Please take a moment to review the content and to ask all jobsite managers to distribute this handout.

In addition, the NAHB has developed a toolkit (available by clicking here) with COVID-19 prevention, preparedness and response plans.

Our goal is to follow the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment guidelines on jobsite safety—available by clicking here.

Initiative 122:

Daniel Hayes, the proponent of Initiative 122, was quoted Monday in a Colorado Sun, indicating that his petition drive for 122 is over due to the statewide “stay-at-home” order. From the Sun article:

Daniel Hayes, a Golden resident behind a ballot measure to limit housing growth in 11 Front Range counties, said his effort is doomed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Hayes has until June 5 to turn in the necessary signatures, but he’s throwing in the towel. “It failed — there’s no way,” he said in an interview. “If it hadn’t been for the virus, we would have been there.”

The full article is available at the Colorado Sun: https://coloradosun.com/2020/04/06/ballot-initiatives-colorado-coronavirus/

In 2018, Hayes’ informed the media that he would not collect any signatures, but he never formally pulled the measure with the Secretary of State. The campaign against 122 will continue to monitor this closely until the June 5 signature deadline to ensure that 122 officially does not qualify for the ballot.

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