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DENVER (March 6, 2018)—The Colorado Association of Home Builders today released the following statement recognizing Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s co-sponsorship of S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act. This National Association of Home Builders-supported legislation addresses the challenging credit conditions that home builders and home buyers continue to face and will come to a vote on the U.S. Senate floor this week. 

“Colorado’s home builders thank Senator Bennet for reaching across the aisle and working in a bipartisan manner to craft legislation that will spur job and economic growth by easing tight credit conditions on home builders, home buyers and consumers,” said Marc Towne, Chairman of the Colorado Association of Home Builders. “The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act will provide important regulatory relief for midsize and regional banks, particularly community banks that are the most common source of lending for home construction and are also key providers of home mortgage loans. In Colorado, we are facing a housing affordability problem, and S.2155 will positively contribute to alleviating the constraints we face. We urge the Senate to promptly pass this important banking reform bill.”

MEMBERSHIP AT THE Colorado Association of Home Builders is strong and healthy. As of July 2017, CAHB membership is at 1,985 builder, associate and affiliate members from across the state.

CAHB is part of the three level Homebuilders “Federation” that is comprised of the 10 local associations, the state association and the National Association of Home Builders. Members join their local association and are then afforded the benefits of membership in both the state and national associations.

At that national level, membership is over 140,000 with over 700 local and state associations. NAHB’s members construct about 80 percent of the new homes built in the United States, both single-family and multifamily. Since it was founded in the early 1940s, NAHB has served as the voice of America’s housing industry, working to ensure that housing is a national priority and that all Americans have access to safe, decent and affordable housing, whether they choose to buy a home or rent.

The Colorado Association of Home Builders was founded in 1974, as the unified voice of the Colorado Home Building Industry primarily at the Colorado legislature and in the rules and regulations promulgated by the various state agencies and boards impacting the home building industry.

CAHB is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 10 local home builder associations across Colorado. The statewide membership of nearly 2,000 represents over 40,000 jobs, and the industry adds over $11.5 billion annually to the Colorado economy; the Colorado Association of Home Builders plays a crucial role in providing housing for Coloradans.

Stable numbers

Membership at CAHB has been very stable over the past four years as the economy has improved, showing that members have had the capacity to negotiate the many challenges and obstacles to provide for the Colorado housing demand. Membership is expected to grow as the economy continues to expand and remains stable into the future.

Recent statistics show that building permits issued in Colorado for 2016 totaled about 35,700. 19,200 of those were for single family detached homes and then 16,500 were for attached homes (apartments, condos and townhomes). Similar to the national engagement level, CAHB members construct nearly 80 percent of the new homes built in Colorado.

CAHB is about home building and home builders, with those entities making up about 30 percent of the statewide membership. Builder members are those that are specifically engaged in the construction of new homes but are also comprised of remodelers, community developers and commercial contractors.

The other often overlooked aspect of membership include the associate and affiliate members. Those members are engaged in businesses that are an important part of the delivery of housing and include suppliers, realtors, title companies, mortgage companies, banks, subcontractors, insurance companies and professional consultants to name a few. Associate members are strong supporters and contributors to the Association in fulfillment of the Association objectives serving on the Board, the standing committees and task forces. Likewise, Associate members serve on boards and committees at the local and national levels.

Most of the building activity in Colorado takes place along the Front Range from Pueblo to Fort Collins and Greeley.

In the past five years, approximately 90 percent of the new housing occurred in the 10 counties making up the “Front Range”. Similarly, 70 percent of the CAHB membership is represented on the Front Range.

The west slope has 6 local associations starting in Four Corners in Cortez; the Southwest HBA in Durango; the Western Colorado HBA in Grand Junction; Mountains to Mesa HBA in Glenwood Springs; Summit County HBA in Breckenridge, and the Grand County HBA in Granby.

Participation in CAHB is strong from all across the state. Local associations from all over Colorado alert CAHB to current issues and concerns and are encouraged to provide expertise, the fruit of experience, input, and guidance on decision making.

Joining your local association is how you can to participate to make a difference to your business and the industry. Get involved to understand the processes and then engage in advocating for the rules and lawmaking and advocate for the ability to construct the housing that is required by your friends and neighbors.

Capping mortgage deduction will hurt, not help, all levels of Colorado homebuyers as prices continue to rise

The National Association of Home Builders is opposing the tax plan unveiled last Thursday by House Republicans. The association and its members have long advocated to protect and enhance the American Dream of homeownership—and this tax plan would likely put homeownership in jeopardy for many Coloradans.

NAHB’s chairman Granger MacDonald, a homebuilder from Texas, commented on the plan:

    “Capping mortgage interest at $500,000 for new home purchases means that home buyers in expensive markets will effectively lose this housing tax benefit moving forward. The House leadership killed a cost-effective plan proposed by NAHB that Ways and Means Committee leaders agreed to include in the legislation. It would provide a robust homeownership tax credit that would have helped up to 37 million additional home owners who do not currently itemize. Most of them are low- and moderate-income home owners.”

Colorado’s housing market has become one of the more expensive in the nation, with median single-family home prices well over $350,000. In the metro Denver region alone, the median single-family home price is $400,000. That means many Coloradans, including middle class homebuyers, are purchasing homes with mortgages above this $500,000 cap arbitrarily placed into the Republican tax plan. Furthermore, doubling the standard deduction puts homeownership tax incentives beyond the reach of more than 90% of American families.

Americans need a meaningful incentive for homeownership in the tax code, and NAHB believes several parts of the tax plan will hurt homeowners and actually reduce the value of homes for millions of Americans.

To better understand why NAHB is opposing the tax plan, please visit the following links:

NAHB's Tax Reform Page

Let your Member of Congress know this plan doesn’t work, it only takes a minute.

NAHB will be leading this effort and communicating to all members nationwide with action alerts and policy updates. Please look for those in your email and take action when they arrive. CAHB will provide support and assistance to help NAHB’s efforts and to ensure that Colorado’s housing market stays strong and accessible.

Please contact me at 303-691-2242 or if you have any questions or concerns.

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