Priority Issues-Our Positions

Construction Defects Litigation Environment Reform
The costs of insurance and threat of lawsuits has virtually eliminated the construction of attached housing across the state that meets the needs of the public.  We support efforts that balance consumer protections with the significant potential of frivolous lawsuits.  Much of the direction that the state has for the future in terms of water conservation and traffic planning depends on the development and construction of high density housing.  Reform is critical to meeting those goals and to provide home ownership opportunity to Coloradans.

Oil and Gas Regulations
The discussion around much of the Oil and Gas regulations and initiatives revolves around setbacks.  Unreasonable and excessive setback requirements eliminate significant land that is currently or prospectively planned for new communities.  Investment in land, planning and existing infrastructure are at risk.  Balancing the rights of neighbors, mineral owners and surface owners is crucial to protect the economic impacts and benefits across the state.

Water Plan
The Colorado Water Plan is a document that will guide the use and future development of water in Colorado for years to come.  Meeting the needs of economic development, agriculture, and future generations is a complex task that we all need to participate.  Reasonable water conservation measures and approaches that encourage and incent (carrots) conservation is more effective than regulations and fees (sticks) that lead to higher housing costs.  The continued development of water resources through major projects is a critical part of meeting those needs.  CAHB will continue to address the effects on housing costs and impacts on housing affordability.

Attainable and Affordable Housing
The mountain of regulations, fees, costs, taxes and delays that arise from the implementation are inherent in the production of housing.  Housing affordability is a casualty in this present situation.  Assuring reasonable methodology in setting fees, eliminating unnecessary or burdensome rules and regulations and reducing time delays in approvals are all measures that must regularly be explored.

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