CAHB Organization and Committees

CAHB is governed by the Board of Directors. From there, committees have been established to manage, provide guidance and decision making to accomplish the Association goals and build a foundation for the future. Each committee focuses on specific tasks and expectations as outlined in the Bylaws and Association Policies.

Board of Directors

The CAHB Board is made up of representatives appointed by each of the 10 Local Associations. The Board sets Association policy, approves operating plans and approves the leadership for the Association. Contact your local HBA if you have interest in serving as part of the Colorado Association of Home Builders.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Association officers, standing committee chairs, the State Representative to NAHB, the Executive Officer Chair and the CEO. The Executive Committee executes the policy decisions of the Board and directs the activities of the staff.

Government Affairs Committee

The GAC sets legislative priorities and then develops and implements strategies to advance the agenda. Working closely with the CAHB Lobby Team and staff, The GAC communicates with the Colorado General Assembly the impacts of measures that will affect the home building industry and private property rights. Specialized Task forces and subcommittees are formed to drill down and study specific issue details and assemble experts to deliberate and make recommendations for action to the GAC. The GAC also takes positions on regulatory matters and ballot questions. Voting members of this committee are also appointed by the various Local Home Builder Associations. Local HBA Members are encouraged to get involved in the GAC to provide expertise, testimony and support.

Political Funding Committee

The PFC manages the Association political committees including fund raising strategy and recommending political contributions to support candidates for state elective offices. Voting members of this committee are appointed by Local Home Builder Associations
Executive Officers Council

The EO Council is comprised of the Executive Officers from each of the local home builders associations who come together to share ideas, discuss common concerns and learn how to better manage their respective associations and serve their membership.

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