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CAHB Taking Precautions to Keep Working Through COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 situation in Colorado, we are all aware of the important need to practice “social distancing” and other public health measures during this difficult time. The staff at the CAHB will continue the important work of representing our industry, but to help ensure the health and safety of our staff, members and others, the Executive Committee has decided to implement the following precautions:

  • Following advisories from both the CDC and CDPHE, CAHB’s offices, as well as those organizations we share with, will be closing from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th. We will reevaluate this decision before the start of next week, and we will look to those health organizations to guide next steps. 
  • A call-in number will be provided for all meetings held by the CAHB. If you cannot find a call-in number or need assistance, please notify Cassie Prestfeldt at
  • CAHB and the other organizations sharing its office space will work to sanitize countertops, chair handles, tables and other materials between meetings, and will place hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in conference rooms and common areas.
  • We encourage employees and volunteers to use good hand hygiene, washing frequently and refraining from shaking hands.
  • CAHB will send employees with COVID-19 (and any flu or cold) related symptoms home immediately. Employees who are experiencing any flu symptoms know we support them to stay home and take care of themselves and their family members.
  • CAHB has suspended all work-related travel.
  • Finally, any food or beverages at future meetings will be served in a manner to best protect from transmitted viruses.

To further help CAHB’s staff and members stay healthy and safe, please:

  • Attend meetings by conference call if you or a family member have been exposed to anyone in a high-risk area. Please take a 14-day break from attending meetings as a precaution to minimize any potential chance of exposure. Until further notice, all CAHB meetings will be held via teleconference.
  • Maintain social distancing between yourself, staff and other members, especially from anyone displaying symptoms of the virus.
  • Avoid shaking hands – and consider an elbow-bump instead.
  • Frequently wash your hands.

Thank you for your help and support during this time. By working together, we can all keep each other safe and healthy—and move our state and industry forward.


Denny Rogstad, CAHB 2020 Chair

Ted Leighty, CAHB CEO

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