Meet Our Lobbyist Team

Virginia Morrison Love

Virginia Morrison Love is a partner with Morrison, Love & Company.  With a bachelor’s degree in Business, she started out staffing at the Colorado state legislature, then was offered her first lobbying job 30 years ago and served on former Governor Bill Owens’ staff as a legislative aide prior to his term.  Love has represented general business associations, chambers of commerce, and individual businesses.  She served as executive director for Colorado Concern for six years and helped the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce launch Colorado Competitive Council.

Mary Kay HoganMary Kay Hogan

Mary Kay Hogan is a third-generation Colorado native with a law degree from the University of Denver, her first job in politics was with Republican Congressman Dan Schaeffer.  She then worked with Democrat Senator Tim Wirth, and served on former Governor Bill Ritter’s senior staff as legislative director from 2007-2010.

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee is a native Coloradan and has been involved in state government since 2002.  Rachel earned an Associate of Arts degree from Arapahoe Community College and transferred to Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she earned a baccalaureate degree in Political Science, with a minor in Public Speaking.

Rachel has held positions in Governor Bill Owens’ administration and began her lobbying career in 2008.  She has worked on a broad array of issues including healthcare, education, insurance, environmental conservation, land use and development, and retail business.

While Hogan and Love represent clients that need to work both sides of the aisle, Hogan is often viewed as a Democrat lobbyist and Love a Republican.

Both lobbyists are very serious about taking on homebuilders’ issues at the capitol.  “If I were paying into an organization and I wanted to know what I’d be getting on this one particular line item,” Hogan said, “I’d want to know that my team takes the job seriously, is committed to my issues, and will carry and express my voice in a professional and effective manner.”

That means gracefully winning and losing.  “None of us wins at the capitol every time,” Hogan observed.  “But hopefully the most important issues you’re working on are those you’re succeeding on and moving the needle.”  Sometimes the needle moves a lot in one year and others it takes two or three years to get there.  “What’s important is you have a credible team at the capitol that’s committed to doing this job well,” Hogan said.

Love agrees, “I will do everything in my power to work with whomever I need to, to get where we need to go.  While long-term relationships are extremely important, we should not walk away from necessary fights for our industry.”

Yet lobbyists are only as good as their clients.  Hogan said that when asked if you’ll go down to the capitol, or get to know one of your legislators and have coffee – not once, but once or twice a year to develop that relationship, those answers should be ‘Yes’.  “The most effective organizations are those that really step up,” Hogan said.  “Your lawmakers know that they mean business.  Personal involvement is key”.

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