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Being involved in the home building industry in Colorado has many benefits when you join your local Home Builders Association.  As a member of your local HBA, you also become a member of the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Not only do you have access to the best and most up to date association information, advocacy, education and networking opportunities; you have the opportunity to take advantage of the following offers and special savings:

CAHB Safety Program

The CAHB, AGC, CCA, and IEC of Southern Colorado have joined forces with Pinnacol Assurance to offer a safety group program designed to reduce workers' compensation costs by promoting safety and claims management practices in the workplace.  This program brings together groups of businesses with common risks that are committed to maintaining and enhancing industry-leading safety and claims management practices.

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CAHB and Association Partner

This unique program provides digital advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the CAHB.  Create long-term impactful relationships by connecting with industry suppliers, industry thought leaders, and future industry leaders through advertising and strategic alliances.   

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CAHB Member Rebate Program

This exciting initiative is our CAHB Member Rebate Program, through which the countries leading Manufacturers pay rebates as their way of thanking our members for their loyalty to their products.  You may already be using many of these products, so why not get paid a rebate for something you’re already doing?  This program is just another example of how being a CAHB member helps your company be more profitable.

All details on this member benefit can be found at:

CAHB and Small Business Growth Partners 

CAHB has partnered with Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) a company that specializes in helping builders, remodelers, and HBA associate members grow, systemize and streamline their businesses, and in the process, help members put considerably more money on the bottom line.  They only work with HBA members and are completely private.  All registered CAHB members can have a Business Diagnostic Plan of Actions (BPA) done at no cost.  The BPA looks under the hood of your business very closely (and confidentially), evaluating everything from your marketing & sales results, internal processes & systems, your team, and the overall profitability of your business. 

For more information on the BPA process and how to redeem please visit: 


CAHB and Western Pacific Insurance Network Risk Management and Insurance Program

The CAHB/Western Pacific Risk Management and Insurance Program provides special discounts to all CAHB Members.  This program integrates multiple insurance carriers and policy options for CAHB’s membership and is not exclusive to any one carrier or insurance agency.  The program is also available to all CAHB members including home builders, developers, and trade contractors, as well as associate members including architects, engineers, surveyors, material suppliers, real estate professionals, consultants and many more.

For more information on the CAHB/WPIN Insurance Program please click: here



NAHB offers many discount partner programs for members, including:

Wrap Programs Contractor’s Equipment
Commercial Auto Workers’ Compensation
Professional Liability Pollution Liability
Commercial Property Umbrella/Excess
Builder’s Risk Special Events Liability
Directors and Offices Insurance Cyber Liability 

Learn more about NAHB discounts here:

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As part of your membership with your local HBA, you have access to the NAHB Member Advantage Program, including access to discount opportunities offered by many top companies.

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